Here is where I share my Python tools, tests, R&D etc. All my code is available on github so feel free to have a look around ! My Github


Versioning system based on Amazon S3 cloud embeded in 3D app using python and PySide2, could be used as standalone tool as well.

More informations: AWS Vault

Gaia Scatter

R&D tool to paint objects on a surface in Houdini, based on brushes but also procedurale rules.

More informations: Gaia Scatter

Helpcard Maker 0.9.4

Python tool which allows you to easily create help card for your houdini digital assets.

More informations and install: Helpcard maker


Communication system between software such as Houdini, Maya ( support of Houdini Engin ) and Nuke.

More informations and install: HCom


Python module which allows you to create and edit Houdini takes

More informations and install: PyTakes2